Provocative Customer Experience Stats

Here is some great sales and marketing ammunition for you on the hot topic of Customer Experience. If you have a business or sell/market to large enterprises, then you definitely want to check out this collection of eight statistics that illustrate just how important an excellent customer experience is to the bottom line. Paul Gillin has thoughtfully pulled together some thought-provoking source material in this blog post, which you can use in conversations with your clients. See the chart below for just one example and then read his article – it will be 5-10 minutes well spent.

Paul Gillin blog Customer Experience post

From Paul Gillin Blog Post – click on image to link to article

His stats remind me of one of my favorite clients, The Verde Group, which specializes in how to turn customer dissatisfaction into profits and revenue growth. It’s done research that says something like 13% of a company’s revenue is typically at risk at any given time due to customer dissatisfaction, meaning it could evaporate like that (be sure to add the dramatic finger snap :). And like one of Gillen’s stats, Verde has data demonstrating that proactive efforts to turn dissatisfaction around can lead to higher profits and revenue from those same customers. Verde also knows through its research that dissatisfaction is statistically much more predictive of what a customer will do than satisfaction. Pretty interesting stuff. Here’s more from them on that topic. I just love their work.

Sources like these provide great fodder for your sales and marketing outreach to large enterprises. Go get ’em, tiger!

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