The Joshua Principle: Leadership Secrets of Selling

Joshua Principle cover imageI plan to post an early draft of Chapter 1 of my book shortly, but in the meantime, there is another book you should read. I couldn’t put it down, and I can’t recommend it highly enough:  The Joshua Principle: Leadership Secrets of Selling by Tony Hughes. You can buy it on Amazon. It’s available in hardcopy and for the Kindle. It’s also available as an ebook and audio book for other formats. It’s fine to listen to it, but I would read it as well — my copy is all marked up and dog-earred, and I refer to it constantly. Tony has done such a great job of articulating the rationale for the type of selling you need to be doing when targeting large, complex enterprises with technology, solutions or services that I just refer people to passages from his book when trying to educate them. I also send people to his website, where there are lots of useful tools and additional information on “RSVP Selling,” the framework discussed in the book.

I don’t write many reviews on Amazon, but I felt spontaneously compelled to write one for this book:

“If you are associated with a company that sells to enterprises (particularly if you sell technology, software or services), you should have every person in the company read this book. Tony Hughes does an outstanding job of explaining “how it’s done” – how companies like yours need to be approaching sales and business development. It’s an excellent primer on what your overall sales and business development philosophy should be. It also lays out how your client-facing people need to be engaging with customers in a way that will differentiate your company and deliver value. Excellent, excellent book. Because it is written as a novel about a sales mentoring relationship, it is a page-turner that delivers a rich explanation of concepts while explaining the “RSVP Selling” approach (which is a wrap-around for whatever sales methodology you use) – his excellent writing provides a fun, rewarding read and great way to level-set your organization. Tony clearly has deep, deep experience and a long track record of success in this field. I am grateful he shared his insights in this book, and now I try to get all of my clients to read it.”

Watch for upcoming posts on RSVP Selling and passages from the book. Tony’s thoughts and approach are worth sharing.


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