Do You Have Entrepreneurial Hero Potential? Tim Draper Wants to Know

If you are at all interested in entrepreneurship and would love to leapfrog your way to becoming a Silicon Valley insider in just seven weeks, read on…


One of the many novelties you’ll find on site at Draper University

I was recently at Draper University to lead a half-day working session with the leadership team on branding and market dominance strategy for the school itself. I LOVE this place. It makes entrepreneurship and education so fun.IMG_4821

If you’re not familiar with it, Draper University was founded by the legendary venture capitalist, Tim Draper, because, “the world needs more heroes.” The goal is to equip potential heroes with the entrepreneurial skills to go out and make something big happen in the world, whether it’s a for-profit business or some other undertaking that has a positive impact. Located in Silicon Valley, it offers an immersive seven-week, live-in program that packs more into a given day than many schools do in a week.

Draper University is a school for innovators. We are helping people do the great things they are capable of. Expect to be inspired. To do things you didn’t think were possible. To be fearless. To build a network of friends, mentors and colleagues that you will take with you on your path. Every student will create a company, with mentoring and coaching from experts, and have the opportunity to pitch for funding from Silicon Valley VCs.

The program runs seven days a week for the seven weeks and includes lectures from Silicon Valley superstars, like the founders of Tesla, Zappos, Box, Intuit, Electronic Arts, Yammer, Kiva, and more. But the lectures are only a small part of the program. Most of it is doing – hands-on experiences to really burn in the skills. I’m also amazed at the access the students get to the Who’s Who of Silicon Valley. And I’m really amazed at how personally involved Tim is in the program, spending lots of time with the students himself.

If you have entrepreneurial aspirations, especially if you want to pursue them in Silicon Valley, I can’t think of a more cost-effective (both in terms of time and money) to get a jumpstart – in seven weeks you’ll get further than most people get in years.

Hear it from students themselves on the Draper University Blog. The program accepts students from all over the world.

In Hollywood, it would be the equivalent of having Steven Spielberg surround you with the biggest names in Hollywood to coach you on your screenplay, teach you the art and business of filmmaking and then let you pitch your movie idea to the major studios and decision makers.  IMG_4823

For those already in startup mode, Hero City at Draper University is a co-working space that promotes innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship. The doors to Hero City at Draper University are now open in San Mateo, the new entrepreneurial playground between Silicon Valley and San Francisco. If you are interested in becoming a member of Hero City at Draper University, click here.

All of the information about Draper University and how to apply is on their website. Check it out.

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