This is the company blog for Lina Group, Inc. and is authored by its president, Theresa Lina Stevens.  www.linagroup.com

Lina Group, Inc. is a strategic marketing consulting firm that specializes in differentiation strategy, working primarily with professional services and technology companies.  The company has performed consulting assignments with clients such as Accenture, H-P, Cisco, Dell, and Sun Microsystems, as well as software companies, startups and small businesses seeking aggressive growth and sustainable margins.  The firm’s work is based on the proprietary Apollo Method for Market Dominance (TM), a strategy and execution roadmap for becoming the go-to in a given market.

IMG_0120 - Version 5Theresa Lina Stevens is the firm’s founder and president. She is also affiliated with the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP) in the Management Science and Engineering (MS&E) department of the School of Engineering at Stanford University. Her activities there have including marketing, communications, and large outreach programs such as the Roundtables on Entrepreneurship Education, a global conference series for university educators.  She has also served the Stanford Entrepreneurship Network (SEN), a federation of more than 20 Stanford entrepreneurship programs and student organizations across campus, and led Stanford’s Entrepreneurship Week.

She formerly served as Chief Marketing Officer for two VC-backed Internet services companies. Theresa began her career at Accenture, where she was a management consultant for clients such as BellSouth, Contel (now part of Verizon), and IBM; she also helped found the Communications Industry Group at Accenture, where she served as Director of Worldwide Marketing and helped lay the foundation for what has become a multi-billion dollar business.

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