Take Free Stanford Course ONLINE – “Creativity: Music to My Ears”

Stanford, Warner music, some of your favorite recording artists, and creativity – what’s not not love about this upcoming, free online course – “Creativity: Music to My Ears”? My colleague and dear friend, Tina Seelig, will be teaching it, and she’s amazing (as validated by her winning the prestigious Gordon Prize in engineering for her innovations in teaching and education). You’ll have a blast.

It starts on April 2. To learn more, read this course description, where you’ll find information on how to sign up.

Here’s an excerpt from a brief article about the course:

Musical talent is not required to participate in the course – just an interest in exploring factors that influence creativity, such as reframing problems, challenging assumptions and working on creative teams. Music provides a universal context to put these skills into practice, which is where the legendary experience of Warner Music Group comes in.

“The music industry is in a state of constant evolution, and everyone involved – from artists to executives to technologists – must have the skills to both adapt to a rapidly shifting landscape and to forge exciting new creative paths,” Strang said. “Warner Music Group is honored to be collaborating with Stanford and Professor Seelig in this unique online course, which we hope will give students creative skills and real insight into how our business spearheads innovative commercial models and develops the next generation of extraordinary talent.”


Watch them talk about it here.